Overview of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a popular system of medicine practiced worldwide. It uses safe, non-toxic natural medicines which gently stimulate each persons own healing response. Taking into account the mental, emotional and physical symptoms as a unique signature of the patient, the correct homeopathic medicine starts the process of restoring the patient to optimal health.

Hippocrates, himself, the father of medicine, talked about the Homeopathic healing principles. Great physicians of the middle ages like Galen and Paracelsus also wrote about the healing principles of homeopathy. It took the great German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, in the early 19 th century, to expound on the principles of Homeopathic healing. Since then, Homeopathy has flourished around the world. The United States became the mecca of Homeopathy. Physicians came from the world over to study with the great American Homeopaths. In fact, in the early 1900's, it is estimated that one sixth of all Physicians in the United States practiced Homeopathy. The advent of  modern pharmaceutical medicines from about the 1920's onward, like Penicillin and other 'wonder drugs', saw the decline of Homeopathy. These drugs can save lives, but it eventually became evident that chronic disease was more prevalent. People lived longer, but chronic issues were impeding the quality of life. This led to a revival of Homeopathy, a natural, non-toxic healing system which stimulates each persons own innate immune system to create a healthier person. Homeopathy has doubled or tripled in the past twenty five years. There are now teaching centers around the world and the new Homeopathic teachers are beginning to equal the great master Homeopathic prescribers of the past.

I was fortunate enough to have apprenticed with some of the great Homeopaths of the last generation. Drs. Maisemond Panos and Henry Williams were my main mentors. Thirty years ago George Vithoulkas reintroduced intensive training for Homeopaths and I was privileged to have taken several of his training programs. For ten years I taught at the National Center for Instruction in Homeopathy and Homeotherapeutics, the last five years of which I was Dean of the school.

Over the years, I have expanded my practice to include nutrition and life style changes as adjunct methods to enhance the healing process. Homeopathy uses safe, non-toxic remedies from plants and minerals which have no harmful or side effects. The Homeopathic physician most truly follows the dictum of Hippocrates for the physician to, 'first, do no harm'. Homeopathic remedies can create subtle, yet, powerful changes in the healing process leading a person to better health.

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