A New Look At Old Remedies
ABSTRACT: Several small and unusual remedies prescribed for various clinical conditions are hghlighted. Covered are such conditions as nausea of pregnancy, colds and allergic rhinnitis, external otitis, urinary incontinence, postnasal catarrh, proteinuria, pre-eclampsia, influenza, chronic fatigue syndrome, coughs, diabetic neuropathy, herpes zoster, and facial neuralgia.

Small Remedies in Everyday Practice
ABSTRACT:Dr. Wember yet again presents us with many clinical pearls regarding the utility of smaller remedies for everyday clinical practice.

My Favorite Little Known Remedies
ABSTRACT: Dr. Wember regales us yet again with a fascinating pot pourri of small remedies and some of their indications.

The Heart and Soul of Homeopathy
ABSTRACT: Dr. Wember provides examples of the deeply curative effects of homeopathic medicine, results which both gratify and constitute the "heart and soul of homeopathy." Additionally, several smaller homeopathic medicines and their corresponding clinical indications are discussed.

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